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 Research Project-Part Two-Scientific Investigation of the Problem (5-7pages),Do a review of the social science literature on the topic using on-line databases and indexes (Proquest Social Science Journals, Academic Search Premier) Download about 3-4 relevant articles and summarize their findings To find articles using Proquest Social Sciences Journals: 1) Go to Library Homepage 2) Scroll to Databases, Click “By Subject” and then click on “Social Sciences” 3) Click on Proquest Social Science Journals. 4) On the Advanced Search Page, go to Search Options, check the boxes for “full text”, “peer reviewed” and “scholarly journals”. 5) In the text box below “Advanced Search” enter your keywords. Then click “Search” In a 4-6 page essay, analyze the Social Science articles by asking the following questions: 1) What have these studies found regarding the scope and extent of the problem? How many people are affected by the problem? 2) What population(s) are most affected by the problem? Who are most affected by the problem? 3) What are the “causes” of this problem as indicated by social scientific studies? 5) Summarize the science findings. What do these articles have in common? What are the main conclusions of the scientists articles regarding the problem? 6) Compare what the scientists have said to the main conclusions stated in the media about the scope and cause of the problems? Do the scientists agree with the media reports? Are there differences between the scientific findings and what is reported in the media?

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