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In this paper assignment, you will evaluate a source you might consider for a research paper. First, select a source you have found through Cunningham Memorial Library’s on-line catalog or databases, or another electronic source you have found on the Internet. The source you evaluate must fall into one of the following categories: 1. An essay in an anthology 2. An article from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal 3. A substantial article from a major English language newspaper 4. An internet source from an on-line scholarly project or website (.edu or .org url) Next, you must write a thesis-based, argumentative essay, discussing the validity of the potential source. The paper must be in MLA format and discuss the source’s validity based on the following criteria: 1. Author Credentials and how they connect with the source’s topic 2. The Source’s Focus (Topic) 3. The sufficiency of the source’s coverage of the topic 4. The publisher of the source, or the publication where the source appears 5. The age of the source Provide a clear introduction and conclusion strategy to bookend the discussion in your paper. The paper should not exceed 1000 words. To demonstrate that you are moving toward competency in incorporating source material into your papers, you are required to borrow from the source. Within your paper, you must include: 1. A brief, in-text quote 2. A quote introduced with a colon 3. Paraphrased material These three quotes/paraphrases are minimums and you may include more if necessary. The discussion of your source’s focus and coverage are the sections where quotes and paraphrases will most logically (and easily) fit into your paper. If you go outside of your source to find information, you do not need to cite the source from which you gather that information. For example, if you googled an author’s name to find out more about his or her professional affiliations or other publications, you do not need to cite or provide an MLA works cited entry for that source. In other words, only cite the source you evaluating when you either quote or paraphrase from it. At the end of your paper, include a single MLA Works Cited entry (Ch. 14 in Handbook for College Research) for your source. I also will be providing the example paper provided from the Professor

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