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 LP5 Assignment: Proposal Introduction This assignment will assess the following competency: 4. Examine proposal writing. Directions: Now that you have developed the outline of your proposal project, it is time to begin writing your paper. At this point you should be able to compose the introduction and provide the start of setting up the background and content of your proposal paper. This should give you a good start on the final paper and allow for more time to concentrate on collecting primary data, which we will begin next week. The introduction section should: 1. include;an introduction that introduces your reader to the topic, 2. give background information about your topic, 3. state the problem and your purpose for the proposal (clear and focused thesis statement), 4. address the key audience, 5. be at least 3 pages in length, and 6. include a Reference page in proper APA format – this must include at least 5 credible sources. Please add the references and follow the instruction.

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