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 semiotic domain is a space where language can shift in method and meaning depending on the influence of medium, audience, and context. Internet acronyms like “LOL” are great examples of terms that are appropriate only within the semiotic domain of “netspeak”; to verbally say “LOL” out loud to your friends is a pretty egregious faux pas (please don’t do this if you do). Prompt: What’s another example of a word, concept, or idea that is very deeply important to you that other people wouldn’t be able to fully understand without some larger explanation or context? Write about it, and describe the semiotic domain in full detail and its significance to you as an individual. Remember that the definition of a semiotic domains includes the influence of medium, audience, and context. Things like memes and inside jokes are great examples of ideas, concepts, words, or images limited by a particular semiotic domain.

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