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 Select a client that has minimum social media activity? It seems like the client is not active on social media. When you talk about social media strategy, you need to think in terms of strategic communication goals: inform/educate/entertain/community building/call-to-action/promotion . I had not seen anything about how often your client post on Facebook, number of Facebook posts, number of posts that received Likes, Comments, and Shares. INSTRUCTIONS FOR ASSIGNMENT Social Media Content Strategy (150 Points) The purpose of this assignment is to develop a social media content strategy for your client. This assignment has two core components: strategic writing for social media (ch-7) and content development (ch-9). For social media writing (ch-7), you will develop writing strategies using six Cs approach of writing social media content and provide relevant examples. You will also articulate social media tone and voice for strategic writing. Furthermore, you will develop solid plan for social media using writing styles mentioned in our textbook (p. 148-153) and provide relevant examples. For social media content development (ch-9), you will articulate what types of content you want to create and manage for your social media strategy. You will highlight paid media, shared media, and owned media strategy. Furthermore, you will articulate a content curation strategy. You are required to submit a paper which is no longer than 3 pages, 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced, one-inch margins

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